Slow Flow

Based on a traditional vinyasa practice, this flow will bring different asanas together using breath and movement but slowing it all down.

Gentle Flow

This class is perfect for waking up, or just before heading to sleep. We will go through a slow flow, holding poses a little longer to hit those sweet spots to help you relax and wake up for the beautiful day ahead, or bring you down gently before a cup of tea and bed. 

Power Flow

This class will work your muscles, with power poses engaging the major muscle groups. We will move with our breath and focus on being present. All levels welcome, modifications for beginners or advanced yogis can be provided.

House Flow

Bringing your favourite hits and favourite asanas to create the best dance party (vinyasa). Message us with any song requests and we’ll try to fit them in! Come shake your asana!

HardCORE Flow

This flow is similar to our power flow, but with an extra focus on working the core area.

Firelight Yin

Come slow down and unwind while listening to the soft, soothing crackles of a fire. Asanas will be held for longer stretches of time, 5-7 minutes to allow the muscles to really let go and get into the deeper tissues. Although the asanas are typically easier on the body, the mind will be tested when releasing the more tender areas. No previous experience required.

Play Time

Are you looking to broaden your library of asanas? This class will create a safe environment to practice and/or learn those more intermediate/advanced asanas. We’ll start the class with a short flow to warm up and then the rest of the class will be unstructured allowing yogis to play and explore their edges. Come with your #goalpose and we’ll spend time breaking it down. Don’t forget to post your progress and tag us! Previous yoga experience encouraged.

Just For Men

This class is available to all gentlemen who are looking at introducing  (mostly because their wives/girlfriends are nagging them to join – I know you’re out there). This class will be a combination of flow and hatha (poses held longer). The poses will be targeted for men, focusing on bringing mobility and flexibility to your body. All levels welcome, with any range of flexibility.